HP 5370B : 20 Picoseconds Time Interval Accuracy . A test with MTI 260 and Trimble OCXO’s

Time  has come to make some measure and  view the actual performance of some time and frequency standards that I’ve got here.In the market, there are many instruments that can perform this kind of job: frequency counters and time interval counters  for example. Since I can not afford   instruments such as the Microsemi  5120a, A7-MXU […]

EFRATOM M100 and DiviBoard

Recently i’ve found some great codes from Tom Van Baak (Leapsecond) and use them  as frequency dividers. You can find the *.hex and *.asm  here I’ve burned some PIC 12F675 using a PIC programmer to have some  CMOS TTL  frequencies for  various applications  One of them was to use the M100, a great military Rubidium […]

87Rb Stratum 1 NTP Server – SOFTWARE

All is mounted inside my old 2850 rack case, ready to launch The software it’is basically a shell script that resides in  FreeBSD sources , and usually you can find it as nanobsd.sh under the folder /usr/src/tools/tools/nanobsd/ . It creates a very little version of FreeBSD that fit into a common 512 MB Compact Flash card. […]

87Rb Stratum 1 NTP Server – HARDWARE

First operative test of the RB Stratum  1 Server Following  Poul-Henning Kamp  project  to modify a 4501 router to build a Stratum 1 NTP server , I’ve decided  to build my own using instead  a Rubidium Frequency standard source of 10 MHz to clock the Elan processor inside the Soekris.  It requires some hardware changes […]