87Rb Stratum 1 NTP Server – Performances

I’ve  tested the server into two  different environments: LAN and WAN. I confirm the relatively small capacity of the Soekris to support  200-300 units connected to it for NTP UDP as ideal load without alter performances.Of course the major limits comes with Ethernet , T1 and line speed. We could never get  nanoseconds over there […]

Efratom M-100 : First View and Test

 What are we talking about? Today I’ll talk about this magnificent little device found on eBay : the  Efratom M-100.First of all, what is a Rubidium Frequency Standard?  It’s an atomic clock.Just in the 80-90 they were such  an expansive units! The working mechanism is fascinating. It uses the hyperfine transition of electrons in rubidium-87 atoms […]