87Rb Stratum 1 NTP Server – Performances

I’ve  tested the server into two  different environments: LAN and WAN. I confirm the relatively small capacity of the Soekris to support  200-300 units connected to it for NTP UDP as ideal load without alter performances.Of course the major limits comes with Ethernet , T1 and line speed. We could never get  nanoseconds over there at least for now. So the happy part was to see the offset slowly stabilize (20 hours ca) around +/- 120 ns with peaks of 10 ns  even less remaining stable over those numbers, with a frequency error of -0.038 PPM and fixed jitter of 0.015



(the offset should be the difference between the system clock and PPS ,  the frequency error instead  of -0.038 PPM should be the frequency  offset of  0.333..(X)  Hz from the integer value that the FreeBSD kernel utilize  in its  computations.)





This , for comparison, was the frequency offset of a x64 server using  the GPS 1PPS from its serial :


Of course all this was wasted as soon UDP packets travels along just the local area network under a WiFi connection :


Anyway I’ve done some stress tests on  WAN, through the NTP global address pool with a static IP address and a bandwidth of 1Mbit/s   connecting  more than 3000 units   to the 4501 as stratum 1 (!) : Los Angeles often dropped the  board  from the pool , but the Soekris earn  some good points with this huge load of traffic over a normal ADSL as you see from the ntp.pool monitor graph :

wan offset ntp

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